Property Damage? Are You in Need of a Contractor?

In most cases where catastrophes have occurred, major damages are obvious. But what is the first thing that most people are thinking of..? “Is my family safe? Have we prepared ourselves for this type of emergency?” Commonly, people are dealing with so many other issues during the aftermath of these storms, that many of them simply forget to check their properties and mostly, the condition of their roofs.

After the devastation of a major storm, your family needs security, but if you have damages that are hidden, out of sight and you haven’t had your house checked, this could soon become a big problem. That’s when you need a specialist with the solution!

A licensed contractor, with the proper skills and knowledge to serve you total satisfaction.

You deserve to have your questions answered by a professional that will complete a full one hundred and one point inspection of your property and identify those signs of current and future issues that may emerge as a result of age, wear and tear, or any of the following disasters:

  • Damage or leaks caused by hurricanes or major weather events
  • Hail and high wind roof damage
  • A tree or debris falling on your roof
  • Damage caused by rogue fireworks
  • Lightning striking your roof
  • Fires

If you have fallen prey to any of these disasters and are filing an insurance claim, no worries! We can assist you by being present in the assessment of the property and give expert details on materials that have been subject to the destructive elements of the storm.

We take care of all of the homeowner’s needs, from minor leaks, to full remodeling. We handle the entire process from A – Z. Let us help you get peace of mind and comfort about the reinstated condition of you’re home.

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